Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Real Weddings: Maggie & Mike

One of the most satisfying moments as a cake designer is being able to provide your family and friends with edible art sculptures that contribute and compliment key events in their life.

My friendship with Maggie dates quite a bit back and although I knew it was inevitable (I would have forced her regardless), I was thrilled when she asked me to make her wedding cake.

Congratulations to you both!


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today I celebrated my birthday - and besides my traditional McCains Deep and Delicious birthday cake that I religiously have every year (yyuummmmm!!!)... my beautiful mother made me my very own custom designed cake. Her first one ever - and the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Loves it.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

Real Weddings: Bree & Krystian

A cake designers dream is to create a lasting relationship with their clients.
Initial expectations and standards are usually covered after the first event, and preceding events become a little bit more natural between the parties.

Bree & Krystian were one of those couples for me.
They share an incredible love and passion, and working with them from the beginning has been a true gift.

The engagement party

The Bridal Shower

The Wedding

Standing 4.7 feet tall, weighing close to 300 pounds and decorated with 370 handmade sugar roses... this was my first extreme masterpiece. 

I thought I would add a picture of my sister and I standing next to the cake, too.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Something Famous

As Seen on Slice Network's hit show, Party Mama's.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Press Release


Frost Yourself with Sophisticated Flavours and Modern Designs

Toronto, Ontario – July 30, 2010

"Give me the luxuries of life and I will gladly do without the necessities" – Frank Lloyd Wright

By Sonya owner, Sonya Tsui, is pleased to announce the launch of her new online website, www.frostyourlife.com. This online boutique offers customers an opportunity to take a glimpse into the world of modern designs and sophisticated flavours… How sweet it is!

"I really wanted to put together a simple, albeit informative website for my products", states Sonya. "I offer modern day alternatives to those traditional cakes, cupcakes, and cookies that are in the market today and I wanted an online boutique to be a reflection of what I offer. My designs are simple, but make powerful statements that compliment any event or even for just an everyday indulgence".

modern designs…
"We have seen a major shift in the cake design industry over the past few years… and it is my passion to bring you the very latest in design trends accompanied with quality taste", states Sonya. Cakes have become one of her hottest selling items since she began offering them in her product line a little over a year ago. With creations using edible designs made from sugar based products such as gum paste, fondant, and royal icing, Sonya describes her cakes as, "a little story of the person it's made for".

This high quality line of modern designs for cakes, cupcakes and cookies have been featured in Canadian Family Magazine, Weddingbells Magazine, Slice Network's Party Mamas and www.sweetspot.ca- targeting mothers, brides-to-be and everyday fashionistas.

sophisticated flavours…
Although offering traditional flavours such as miss white (vanilla cake with vanilla frosting) and mr black (chocolate cake on chocolate frosting), Sonya has expanded her menu to include a range of sophisticated flavours. Using all-natural quality ingredients, try new flavours, such as chai (spiced cake with chai and cinnamon frosting), euphoria (chocolate base with white chocolate frosting), chocolate peanut butter banana (layers of chocolate and banana cake with peanut butter frosting), and mango passionfruit(vanilla cake with real mango and passionfruit purees poured into the buttercream).

With a studio located downtown Toronto, all orders can be picked up or delivered for your convenience. At this time, no retail location is available, however, be sure to email Sonya at info@frostyourlife.com, to be placed on her distribution list for invites to her cupcake parties where you can have the opportunity to sample all her flavours.

To indulge yourself in endless possibilities of flavours and designs go to www.frostyourlife.com. You deserve it.

Interview Contact: Sonya Tsui, Owner & Principle Cake Designer
Telephone: 416 - 617-2222
Email address: info@frostyourlife.com
Web address: www.frostyourlife.com
Facebook: Frost Diaries

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Birthday, Oliver

When Toni first came to me and asked me to make baby Oliver's birthday cake - I couldn't have been more excited. Baby Oliver is the cutest baby ever! (I'll post a picture if I can get one). But when Toni told me the theme of the party was Yo Gabba Gabba, my response was 'WHAT?!?... WHO?!?' (and you know all you non-children readers are thinking the same thing!)

It forced me to do something that I haven't done in years... I turned my tv onto the YTV network and waited for the show to come on.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Something Packaged

I was born a Virgo. Some say it's my biggest weakness (those who have problems with perfection, that is), others my biggest strength. But one thing is clear, when it comes to my products, I like to make things look as perfect as possible.

I'm very matchy-matchy and like consistency, organization and an overall perfect presentation. My secret fetish... packaging. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I get when I walk into a 'paper and things' boutique and become surrounded by embossed wrapping paper and handmade cards with 3D effects... pads of papers with daily quotes and empty boxes made from thick cardstock or plastic... and the agendas (even though it could be the middle of July and no-need for one in the current year or too early to start planning the next). I always leave with absolutely nothing I need.... yet, an array of possibilities.

One of the favourite parts of my job is packaging my products. For me, it's the final cherry on top.

Something Sporty

This past weekend, I was asked to design a cake for a hockey themed party. My client and I brainstormed on a handful of ideas of possible cake designs - such as a big hockey puck, a skating rink, a jersey, etc. I don't think either of us were completely sold on any of the ideas but we settled on designing a hockey bag filled with stuff that Joe likes.

Less then a week before the event, I (along with every other Canadian) was watching the Olympic Men's final hockey game - Canada vs. USA - and it hit me. A life-sized cake of the Stanley Cup.

... Three sleepless nights later, it was finished.