Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sonya's Note

The evolution of cupcakes dates back to the 19th century when women started baking “small cakes” to save time from their hectic schedules. As simple as it may seem, this was a revolutionary moment in the history of baking.

As we progress through the years, cupcakes & cakes have become more sophisticated in both flavour and design. Apple, chai & green tea are some examples of frosting that I offer in my product line. Rich, yet subtle, these frostings are made with the finest ingredients of sugar, butter, and natural flavours, using absolutely no preservatives. But besides great taste, the real treat comes in the designs of product.

During my childhood, my mother had always made my birthday cakes. She would whip together all the ingredients from scratch and bake it, with high hopes that the centre of the cake wouldn’t sink (this was before Betty Crocker came out with those non-sinkable recipes). I remember always wanting to open the oven as it was baking, hoping to grasp a wisp of smell from this freshly baked cake, but remembering that it could come out looking like a volcano if I ever did. Once the cake was baked, my mother would mix together some frosting, smothering it all over the cake (no layering), and finish it off with pieces of candy resembling that of a happy face.

So here I am, offering cupcakes and cakes with the same great taste, but with an added sophisticated touch. Each of my cupcakes are perfectly swirled with buttercream frosting and garnished with toppings to give it the final ‘cherry on top’. Each of my cakes are individually customized to represent a little character of the person or event that it is made for.

Whether it is expressed through the selection of the colours, or the d├ęcor that is used, each cupcake or cake design has a little story to tell.