Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Real Life: Carnival Time

To be honest, I wish I was a kid today. Not for the luxury of being legally unable to work (child labour law), fast metabolisms (eating all the candy and chocolate I want... this is why they put an age limit to Halloween) and priorities that include updating Facebook status'... I want to be a kid again because birthday parties just aren't what they used to be.

 I never got a super cool tiered birthday cake growing up. Sure, they tasted great. My mom would make a big round chocolate cake that domed on the top with chocolate frosting smothered around (no layering!!!!). Some lucky years she would take chocolate chips and place them in the shape of a face so that the cake would smile at me. Parties were usually during my lunch breaks - Mom would scoop up myself with three of my closest friends to have lunch at McDonalds.

Kid's parties today are a lot more sophisticated with games, decor, entertainment, confections, and a guest list of attendees. Is it wrong that i'm a bit jealous?

I received a call from Nelly a few weeks ago who was throwing a carnival theme (LOVE it) party for her son Kamron's 10th birthday - how cool is that! We brainstormed on a few ideas and here was the final cake design that made it to the party. Happy Birthday Kamron!

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