Saturday, March 5, 2011

Welcome to Candyland

"Where is Pearl Harbor?" I asked my fourth-grade history class. "Here’s a hint: It’s a place where everyone wants to go." One student blurted out, "Candy Land!"  - Readers Digest

Many of my friends get excited when they see or hear about the Candyland game. It brings back memories of childhood events. Not me. I actually never even heard about Candyland (thanks, mom) until about month ago when I received a cake request from a client.

Similar to the Monopoly board I designed a few weeks back, I like to thoroughly investigate new projects to ensure that I maximize all the little details that only a "player" would know. So two weeks before the execution, I began my research. I picked up my own copy of the Candyland game from a local toy store, 3 pounds of gumballs from bulkbarn and a couple bottles of wine from the liquor store (it was my selling point to get my friends to give up their Friday night - what can I say, I needed 2+ players).

I don't think the wine bottles contributed positively to the analysis and the gumballs made my teeth hurt after 2 minutes of chewing... but the game was loads of fun and I was excited to execute the project.


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