Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Something Red

This was a cake I designed for a special couple who was celebrating their 40th Anniversary.
Red is the symbolic colour that represents this anniversary year, so I decided to use the traditional red rose as the focal point of the design. I individually put together each rose, petal by petal, and dusted it with a ruby red colour.
The red velvet gathering on the bottom tier was used because I felt it captured two points: One being the focus on the colour red - and red velvet seemed to add class and tradition to the cake, and the second is the "bottom of a brides dress feel" that I felt it gave the cake, with the gatherings and subtle roses designs.
This cake was filled with my infamous frappe flavour - which is layers of lindtt chocolate cake, caramel frosting and infused with a creamy caramel (like that drizzle that they put ontop of carmel frappaccinos at Starbucks!)

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